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Sarina Dellinger Lays the Smackdown on a Nice Doe!

“Got my first deer of the season out of the way today. On a whim I decided I’d go sit in this stand cause I didn’t have anything better to do after school. So I hurried home, took a shower, grabbed my stuff and was in the stand right at 4:45. I didn’t really expect to see a whole lot. After awhile, I figured I’d better just draw back to make sure my peep sight and everything was lined up and ready. While I’m standing there at full draw, a doe walks right up to ten yards from my stand and stops behind a big pine tree. So I let my bow down to regroup, redraw, and take the shot as soon as she steps out. It all worked out like a dream.”

Sarina Dellinger

Congratulations Sarina!


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