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Rich Gets Attacked by a Buck!

buck attack 2Ok here’s what had happened! 

Since I was unable to get to my lock on that was across a deep Creek, I hiked down the sewer line some and found a good small tree to hang my Black Widow Deer Lures from.  I must have gotten some on me!
I was covered in deer the whole hunt . Mostly doe and spikes. They were all close encounters. I had a doe 4-5 ft from me, I could count the whiskers and smelt her breath(not good)! I wasn’t wanting to harvest a doe so I just sat still. She couldn’t smell me, thanks to my Stealth Odorless Outdoors, and couldn’t figure out what I was so she just walked off. That was a great experience but my hunt wasn’t over.



buck attack 4About 20 minutes before shooting light was gone, I heard a deer walking the creek behind me so that’s where my eyes were focused. out of the corner of my eye I saw a deer that was no more than 10 ft from me . He was sniffing, staring and trying to make me move. I didn’t move until he looked at the direction that I originally heard a deer behind me and towards the left. I went to grab the .357, which was tangled in my pack, so instead I grabbed my .308 slowly and lifted it as he was staring the other way.


When he turned and looked at me again, he stomped twice then I noticed his body tighten up as he started his leap buck attacktowards me! That’s where the self defense kicked in! At that time he was probably 8ft from me and I consider that my bubble! He was an old deer that’s not getting any older! I’ve had him on camera the last two years and he’s looked the same. It definitely was a great hunt and I might be doing more hunts like that . I never took a antler picture because they just looked like broken worn out spikes.

Author: Rich Todaro

buck attack 3

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