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“Random Fan Apreciation Hunt” Was a Success!

We have random “fan appreciation hunts” where we just randomly pick a fan off our facebook, twitter, YouTube or Website and take em hunting with us! This time around the winner was Josh Killough of South Carolina! Too my surprise he had just got back from Afganistan 2 weeks prior to the hunt from his SECOND tour overseas with our military. The random giveaway hunt couldn’t have gone to a better josh killough hog 2fan and quickly turned into a “Welcome Home Hunt” from 704 Outdoors! We immediately got him on the phone after we announced the winner and we got everything lined up. We were going only a couple nights from when we announced the giveaway hunt so we had to get busy!

Rich and myself took Josh hog hunting the first night on a Wednesday night and it was dead out. I was so disappointed in the way the hunt turned out I told him while he had his 5 day NC license to come back a couple nights later and we’ll try it out. Usually every hunt we take out gets a chance at a hog, sees hogs or hear them all over them. Not to kill, see or hear anything is a rare occasion! So a couple nights later we had Josh come back down.

It was a Friday night, Jon & myself went back out into the swamps all ninja like with Josh! It was a great night because we were covered in hogs all night. While we listened to them grunt, wreck through the swamps and pass through the Sniper Hog Lights Exterminator Feeder Lights I thought to myself “Now this is more like a 704 hog hunt!” He had some opportunities at some freaks but he couldn’t get on either of em on time before they slipped off into the darkness. There was a MONSTER that came in right behind the bait site Josh Killough hog 1and stood broadside but Josh couldn’t make out the hog in his scope. We could see the BEAST with our binoculars but his scope just didn’t have enough to make out the big black animal in the night. He slipped off into the darkness and all we could do was watch.

Not too much later a group of 80-100lb’rs showed up. They fed right into the Hog Cheese bait site and into the Green light of our Sniper Hog Lights Exterminator Feeder Light they came! I told Josh to shoot whenever he was ready and it wasn’t a few seconds later he let one of em have it! BOOM! His brand new .300 Blackout dopped that hog right in it’s tracks and we watched as it spun like a top for a Josh & Johnfew seconds not knowing it was dead. Perfect shot, perfect set up and Josh had some pork to take back home!

We have a blast taking fans on hunts with us whenever we can. We do this every so often to show all of you how much we appreciate our fans! Without ya’ll there would be no 704 Outdoors, no TV show, no events… THANK YOU!

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