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Photoshoot with Katie Whalen Photography was a Success!

We’ve been actively looking for a photographer that would do a photo shoot with us to use for Season 3 material. Ashley was excited to let us know that she had found the perfect match to who we’ve been looking for, Katie Whalen of Katie Whalen Photography! Ashley organized the entire event and we met with Katie this past Saturday at Diamond B Horse Stables for our first photo session.

Katie jumped right in and led us in the direction we needed to be to get some quality shots. She had some great visions and we are super excited to see the final product from the shoot. She climbed up into one of our ladderstands like a champ and had to no fear to get where she needed to be to get the perfect angle.

photoshoot 1

If you are looking for a great photographer to take some unique outdoor photographs then make sure you give Katie a call, (704) 682-5902!

You can go to her website HERE to see some of her work as well as some shots from our session!

Click HERE and give her a like on facebook to keep up with her as she travels from photoshoot to photoshoot!

Interested in Horse Riding sessions or Youth Summer Camp at Diamond B Stables? Check out their facebook page HERE and give em a like! Call Boo Mathews at (980) 521-5297 to schedule a riding session or get more information!

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