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North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Announces it’s Support for Sunday Hunting!

One step closer to allowing hunters to hunt with a firearm on Sundays on private land! This has been a controversial topic amongst hunters and non hunters for some time now. What are your thoughts?


See the NCWRC’s official statement here:

nc wildlife statement support of house bill 640

Are you in support of the Outdoor Heritage Act?

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  • john

    the hunters make their own decision whether they want to hunt on Sundays or not not the government

  • Lincoln Miller

    NOT in favor of Sunday hunting with firearms at all. Would prefer to be able to walk thru the woods on a Sunday with my family without the fear of being shot. Could be disruptive to nearby churches as well. Also, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to give the deer heard at least 1 day of rest. No Sunday hunting would also give me a day of rest from chasing trespassers on my family’s farm.. In addition, none of my Sunday attire should have to consist of blaze orange. That’s my personal view.

  • James Snuggs

    Can’t see any benefit of adding Sunday to the season other than to irritate, aggravate and insult those who have religious beliefs and or strong family values.
    Don’t tell me “I work 6 days a week” mess either.
    Not during Thanksgiving and Christmas season can you find no time to hunt.
    I am actually disgusted that true hunters would even suggest such an event.
    How can anyone justify hunting with a rifle on Sunday.
    Or any hunting on Sunday with anything.
    Are hunters and the commission Atheist? Hoarders? Gluten’s?
    Sad that bow hunting is allowed on Sunday’s.
    I think a retailer said it best. If I can’t get it done the other 6 days a week. Sunday isn’t going to make me. It may however break me.
    Sad enough they allow crossbows to be used during bow season. They are not bows. They have a trigger and a scope.
    Not talking about you handicapped folks.
    Just another way for the lazy unskilled people that carry their kill to a “processor” to say “I am a hunter”
    Lets put up the cameras, the feeders and think we are true hunters.
    Or is every one turning into horn hunters.
    This does give me a little better understanding of how politics controls and at the same time destroys our nation.
    So sad the Wild life commission and others would even consider this after all these years in existence.
    Is the commission more interested in game management or politics.
    Just my two cents.
    If it upsets you.
    Might be some redeeming truth in it for you.


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