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NEW Dates for the 5th Annual Carolina Coyote Classic!

Traditionally the Carolina Coyote Classic has been held the last weekend of February. The reason for that was to place the tournament where it would not have any conflicts with other tournaments or local events that may impact participation. This year we did a little more research to make it a priority to find the best weekend to harvest coyotes and then secondly the impact from local events. After discussing with several professional coyotes hunters and looking over their recorded data from past years, we have decided to move the tournament earlier in the month of February.

The NEW tournament dates will be February 9th to the 11th, 2018!

We hope that the new dates will make a HUGE impact on the amount of coyotes that are brought into weigh in’s! We’re excited and hopeful that we will weigh in the most coyotes in the history of the tournament. Registration is NOW OPEN! Be sure to follow up with us on social media to get up to updates of the tournament.

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