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New Custom Strings & Cables from Webb Archery

I was really excited when another team member called me saying that a local archery shop wanted to work with us on a review of his custom strings and cables. I’ve been meaning to get the ‘ol Bowtech Guardian restrung, what perfect timing! Justin gave me the contact info and I gave Webb Archery a call the following day.

Jamie Webb, owner of Webb Archery, was super friendly from the get go. He asked me what colors I would be interested in and said my Strings and Cables would be ready in a day! He actually makes the strings and cables to the specs of your bow with over 50 different colors to choose from. He also pre-stretches the string so there is no string stretch to worry about! I am super pumped about his strings, check it out…

Find Webb Archery on facebook HERE, give em a Like and tell em 704 sent ya!

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  • Edgar

    Good Luck this weekend!! Aim small, miss small.. I still have a coulpe more weekends to wait till I can get after the thunder chickens, so make sure to get one this weekend so I can get a little fix with some pictures.. Haha


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