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Lindsey Carpenter Harvests a 14 Pointer, Her First Buck!

In one of our many trips to Foodlion I picked up the latest Field & Stream Magazine. When I rang it up the cashier said she wish she could see a monster buck like that in the woods, she hadn’t been able to hunt much since she shot her 14 pointer. I responded “14 pointer? I’d like to see that, shoot me the story and pictures if you’d like to share your story.” Gave her my email address and she did just that. Here is Lindsey’s story of her 14 point buck!

“So last year, opening day of rifle season, I went hunting in the evening with my 243. It was about 5:30 that evening when I heard some crunching behind me in the woods. I got up, turned around and started to call the deer in. When he walked in sight, I put the cross hairs on him and was checking out the rack. I thought to myself, “He doesn’t have the biggest rack or the widest spread but he has the horns.” I thought he was a 6 pointer. I steadied my aim and pulled the trigger. BOOM! He took off but about 500 feet, he dropped.
I was walking over too him and I started to see more than six horns. I was counting and counting until I passed ten… I had actually killed a decent deer! Big bodied, he weighed in about 200 pounds! He had a decent sized rack too. My dad came through the woods to help me drag him out. He was far away from the deer but could see that it was still a buck. He got up too it and congratulatted me on my first buck. He started to count the horns and asked me for my ring to hang on the nubby horns and he almost lost my ring when he got to the 14th point. Then he about strangled me cause I was hunting in his deer stand! We went to the processing plant and everyone was in there taking rings to put on the horns to make sure they were condidered points. They scored him as a 14 pointer.”

Lindsey Carpenter

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