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Katie Helms gets her first ever bow kill!

Being a full time nursing student, I haven’t had much free time to be sitting high up in a tree hunting deer. It has been killing me since I love hunting so much. The times that I was fortunate enough to get into the woods I saw deer…but they either saw me first or I was busted on my way to the stand! My first ever bow season started off a little rocky. I had been hitting up the woods as often as my school and work schedule would allow but I wasn’t killing anything. Needless to say I was getting a bit discouraged. Don’t get me wrong though, anytime I’m in a stand out in the woods I’m happy…I just wanted to kill something!

Well I had heard from my good friend, Kevin Gathings, that if there is ever a day when you can see the moon all throughout the day, then you should get to the woods that night since the deer should be moving! I didn’t know how much truth there was to that but I knew the conditions were favorable Tuesday night, so I kicked it into gear and got situated in my climbing stand way up a nice Oak tree. This was the same location where my buddy Darrin and I had been seeing the same group of deer passing through almost every time either of us had hunted during the evening. I felt great going into the hunt that afternoon. It wasn’t long before I heard something crashing through the woods, passing right by the tree I was in. It was a small doe who never skipped a beat. There was no stopping her. I got myself ready to see some sort of predator, maybe a coyote or bobcat chasing after her. Didn’t see or hear a thing. Although that had me perplexed, I sat tight in anticipation for the arrival of a nice deer that I might could take.

She showed up out of nowhere…making no noise whatsoever in the damp leaves. I just happened to notice her moving behind me from the corner of my eye. Now I’ve killed my share of deer before but nothing yet with my bow so my heart was pumping good. She had no clue I was there. As she stepped behind a leafy tree on her way beside my stand I took advantage of the coverage and got into position. The available shot couldn’t have been more perfect! I eased back the string of my Diamond Razor’s Edge and found her in my sight. Give a quick “Mehh” to stop her in her tracks well within 20 yards, then I let that arrow fly! The Easton Powerflight 500 soared as my G5 Montec broadhead cut through the air then continued effortlessly into the flesh. I was sure I had made a kill shot when I saw where the Nockturnal green lighted nock entered the doe. I couldn’t believe what had just happened! I know to some of ya’ll it may seem like just another bow kill but to me it was my FIRST EVER bowkill! Very few things could ever top the rush you get with a good bow kill! I followed a great blood trail (even in the wet leaves) straight to her within 70 yards from where I shot her.

I sure got a killer workout pulling this ol doe out of the woods..but I wasn’t complaining! All I could think about was juicy deer bacon in the mornings and a nice deer tenderloin in the crock-pot! Mmmm!

~~Katie Helms

Diamond Razors Edge 50#, 24.5 inch draw
Sword Apex Hunter sight
Easton Powerflight 500 arrow
Nockturnal green lighted nock
G5 Montec 85 grain broadhead
Simply Southern bow sling wrist strap
Dead Down Wind Field Spray
ThermaCELL repellant device

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