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John Drops Another Ashe County Mountain Buck!

We love going to our Ashe County leases to hunt every year. We usually time it right so we can hit all the opening days between the Northwestern and Central Region. The two regions stagger eachother, opening day of muzzleloader and gun seasons in Northwestern kick off a week after they open here in the Central region. We sort of leap frog the dates, one week here, one week there and so on. This trip was awesome! We watched the weather closely and we knew that the mountain had been dusted with a little snow.  Not much was there when we arrived but it was a good sight anyhow. We were in deer since the time we got on the mountain. They were running everywhere and we just knew we would put the hurting on a few while we were up there. My father had 2 does come in on him at first light and was having a hard time getting her in the sights of his old school .54 caliber. She busted him moving his head and checked out. I heard her blow from where I was perched on the side of the mountain. She was not happy!

About an hour later, here came a huge mountain body buck. He didn’t have much for head gear but then again, I’m not a trophy hunter! That’s another topic we’ll discuss at another time. He was making his rounds on the mountain side. Checking his rub line and scent checking the old logging road beds. I hit him with a couple soft grunts from my Bobs Custom Calls Grunt Call to get his attention. He heard the first call and started working his way towards me, the second call stopped him broadside. KA-BOOOOM! The 240gr Dead Center Bullet hit him like a sledge hammer and down the mountain he went on 3 legs. Went about 40 yards before snow plowing and rolling over on his back. He did a couple bicycle kicks and it was over. What a morning! That makes 3 for me this season and the chest freezer is starting to look better. The best part is we had another great Ashe County hunt that I was able to share with my father!

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