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It’s Official! Night Hunting of Feral Swine and Coyotes with Lights No Longer Needs Permits

The 704 Crew hunts wild hogs and coyotes hard! So it’s only natural for us to pay super close attention to the laws that effect our passion. We have been keeping up with what the NCWRC has been trying to decide on how to handle Feral Swine and Coyote Hunting at Night with lights. Well they just announce TODAY that effective August 1st you can hunt Feral Swine and Coyotes at Night with Lights on private land! No more permits to deal with and no more questions about the subject. Here is what they published today:

“RALEIGH, N.C. (July 24, 2012) — Temporary rules that allow hunting coyotes and feral swine at night with a light on private lands will go into effect Aug. 1.

Night hunting is one means of controlling localized populations of coyotes and feral swine, both of which are non-native to North Carolina and destructive to the landscape, livestock and domestic animals.

The feral swine rule will supersede the permit the Commission previously required to hunt swine at night. These rules do not grant access to any property. Landholders must grant permission for anyone to enter private property lawfully.

There is no authorization for night hunting feral swine and coyotes on public lands at this time.

The N.C. Rules Review Commission approved these temporary rules July 19. They were approved by the Wildlife Commission at its meeting July 12. The temporary rules will remain in effect for up to 270 days during which time the Wildlife Commission will continue to pursue permanent rules.

The new regulations are year-round, seven days a week. Hunting on Sundays is allowed only on private lands and only with archery equipment.”

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