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Duck Band Survival Bracelets

Remember the Banded Mallard we harvested earlier this year? Well we wanted to do something special with the band instead of just putting it banded mallardon the call lanyard with the rest of them. I have seen some paracord bracelets and necklaces that had duck bands made in them. I thought that would be a great way to sport the duck band without having to walk around with your call lanyard hangin around your neck in the middle of summer!

I was at work talking about the survival bracelets with the duck bands in them when our secretary mentioned that her friends did survival bracelets to customers specifications. I asked her if she thought they could do one with the duck band I had made into it and she said it shouldn’t be a problem but she would check. With one short phone call the Cheetham’s said “No problem!”

duck band survival bracelerThey brought a bracelet to measure my wrist, we picked out the color cord I wanted and I sent the Duck Band with them. They said they would come back by the store in the next couple days and I waited patiently for the phone call that it was done. In no time they shot me a picture of the bracelet to see if that was what I was looking for and I replied “Perfect!” It came out way better than I imagined. I sport the Duck Band bracelet everyday now. It has become as regular to put on as my watch.

If you would like to have a duck band bracelet made for yourself, shoot the Cheetham’s an email to make the arrangements to get your Duck Band Survival Bracelet made, you won’t be disappointed!

duck band survival braclelet on wristThe Cheetham’s email is, tell em 704 sent ya!




duck band survival bracelet with certificate

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