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Deer Hunting with Twin Island Hunt Club

The team has been all over the state finishing up deer season and getting after some flying sirloins. We were in the middle of organizing a early morning duck hunt and trying to decide where the day would take us. Just as we figured what pond we were going to hit, Matt Thomas of Twin Island Hunt Club gave us a ring. He informed us that they were going to do a large man drive and invited us to come out! I quickly got on the phone to try to round up some team members. Unfortunately some already had plans and we only were able to round up a few of us… Beth, Daniel and myself were headed to Richmond County!

2013-01-01_08-19-29_551We started the morning with an awesome duck hunt that landed us 6 mallards, one having a band! See that story HERE.  After we all got out of our waders, we loaded up and headed to Richmond County. Time to put the Black Cloud Shells back in the gear bag and load up the Buckshot!

When we were passing through Mt. Gilead, we met up with Jesse. We all introduced ourselves and he led us to where everyone was meeting up to organize the hunt. Once we arrived at the property we were welcomed by the whole crew. We all introduced ourselves and met the members of Twin Island Hunt Club as well as their guests. L.C. Cooper, the President of Twin Island Hunt Club, got together with Matt Thomas to organize the hunt. They used their knowledge of the lay of the land to see how we were going to line the block, then discussed which guys were going to drive the twin island hunt club 3hunts. They had it all figured out in no time and the guys hooked up the trailor that brought the 4 wheeler, on to the 4 wheeler to take the line in. Now that’s thinking!

You never get over the feeling when an organized hunt gets started! The excitement of what will happen. Thoughts flood your mind like “Are the deer coming my way?”, “Did they jump yet?” and “Who’s going to get a shot?” You listen for the deer as well as the distinct sound of shots in the distance of someone getting a shot at a cheeseburger on hooves! It wasn’t long before they jumped up some deer. It was so thick where the deer jumped up, the deer ran around in a circle around the drivers. L.C. and his son could hear the deer bulldozing their way through the thicket but couldn’t see them. They both doubled back through to try to get the deer to check out towards the line. No dice.

twin island hunt club 1Once the hunt was over, everyone got together and started to get the second hunt put together. We were going to line up a set of older pine rows that were behind the young pine thicket we just drove. We all headed to our lines and got ready to unleash the drivers! Matt and L.C. walked by me heading to where they were going to start the drive telling me, “Be ready, there was buck in here this morning. He might still be laying down in here.” They walked out of sight and shortly after they got started.

Not but a few minutes into the hunt, BOOM… BOOM… BOOM, BAM, WHAM, POW…. BOOM! L.C. walked up on the buck they were talking about laying with 3 other does! He got a couple shots on the buck, saw him buckle but the buck just snatched another gear and checked out. Just as he let off the trigger, one of the guys on the line picked up where he left off and let 2 of the 3 does have it. They dove off a deep ravine and piled up at the bottom. 2 of the 4 deer were down! L.C. and a couple others tried to trail the buck that slipped through the line twin island hunt club 2but in the end it was deemed a unfatal hit. Everyone was jacked up about the successful hunt and eager to line up again. We all huddled around the deer, loaded them up and planned the next hunt.

We all lined it up and the guys kicked off the last hunt. This was the highest point of the property and they perched me up in L.C.’s personal stand. You could see forever up there. If a deer came through here, they were going to meet an unpleasant projectile coming at them at a high rate of speed! They guys worked the upper part of the property and tried to bust up some deer that were holding up tight on the ridge.

Unfortunately the last hunt didn’t produce any action but the excitement of the possibility of getting a shot never gets old! We all gathered together and worked our way back to the trucks. Arriving at the trucks we all talked about the hunts and the action. Conversations filled with twin island hunt club 5excitement and laughter, the comradery within this bunch of guys was awesome. All smiles, no drama, the way I remember hunt clubs as a kid, the way hunt clubs should be.

We all had a blast and definitely look forward to hunting with Twin Island Hunt Club again in the near future. They treated us like long time friends and we will definitely keep in touch with this great group of guys!

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