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Amanda Lays the Smackdown on a Boss Turkey!

We only had a couple chances to hunt the previous 2 saturdays due to crazy work schedules, but those two days were good hard hunts! We were all over the place both days, just trying to get in front of them. We went all over one of the properties and just when we thought we had em figured out, they went the other direction. We changed our game plan probably 10 times but left both days empty handed. The 3rd saturday of the season we decided to change it up and hit a different property. Boy am I glad we did!

We got set up a while before daylight, we knew about where we needed to be. This turkey had been spotted 3 days in a row right before dark. Team member Chris (my hubby) is doing the calling. To my right I have a back up shooter, Aaron, just incase two gobblers showed their face. We had a couple decoys set up, a jake decoy and a hen. Chris started calling and a turkey quickly started talking back! It took maybe 15 minutes but he was steady gobbling. As soon as he topped the hill, he saw the jake and really started moving! Chris tried to make him stop with a couple yelps but he wasnt having it. I wasnt going to let that stop me, I pulled the trigger and let the shotgun bark. I guess I never realized how tense I was because when I shot I rolled straight on my back, feet in the air in the same position i was seated in… but I got him!

amanda aldridge turkey 22.5 lbs
10 3/4″ beard
1″ spur.

Super excited this was my second turkey and both had atleast 10″ beards! Special thanks to Chris for doing the hard part, putting me in the right spot and calling him in!


Amanda Aldridge

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