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A Surprise for Becky Bagley from the Fowlers & 704 Outdoors!

We met a ton of great people at the 704 Outdoors/Bass Pro Shops 3D Pop Up Archery Shootout Series. The one that stuck out the most to us was little Becky! She came out with a beginner Bear bow that had been shot 1000 times over what it was designed to. She came out to the third shootout of the series and the stings & cables were so stretched out the bow, wouldn’t even sling the arrows down the course. She was heartbroken when she only hit one of the 6 targets, not because she couldn’t…. her bow couldn’t. When she left with her head down we all talked about how we could help little Becky. While discussing if we were all going chip in and buy one, the Fowlers happened to over hear the conversation. Without hesitation they spoke up and said “We have an extra youth bow!” It just so happened that Max, the winner of the youth class of the Shootout Series, still had his first bow and it was in great condition! They met up with us shortly after to give us the bow, we called Becky’s dad and this is how it went down…

Special Thanks to the Fowler Family on such a great deed! We couldn’t have made this child’s day without your help!

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