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Gear Reviews done by 704 Outdoors Pro Staff & Field Staff Members

Take a Visit with Betts Kelly Lodge in New Brunswick, Canada!

We wanted to produce a video for Betts Kelly Lodge to showcase their operation. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. They were so good to us while we were in Canada we wanted to share their place with all of our friends and fans. If you are looking for a great place to hunt black bear, fly fish for salmon & trout or just want a week getaway in a nice cabin on the river you need to check them out! Ch ...

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Gear Review: TruGlo AR-15 Fiber Optic Lighted Front Gas Block Sight

Switching things up on my AR for the summer time. Yanked the scope off and went back to iron sights since everything I will be shooting at over the summer will be up close and personal! I picked up a new front sight by TruGlo, a lighted front sight that has fiber optics in it similar to a lighted bow sight. Through it on and did a little shooting... here's what I think about it...   ...

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Results Video: Hog Cheese Works!

As you know we were successful Wednesday night and caught 3 boars in the trap! Here is a video from checking the trap and bait sites for the first time... See the set up video HERE! Find Big Game Butter of Facebook HERE and give em a Like! Go by McDonald General Store and get yourself a bucket today! Find them on facebook HERE and give em a Like! ...

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Hog Cheese By Big Game Butter Works! It is Officially 704 Approved!

We started the Hog Cheese Project on Saturday. I baited 2 bait sites and one trap, my other trap had a hole from a hog escape. We went out last night to check the trap and try to smack us a hog off the bait sites. To our surprise we had 3 hogs in the trap! Yes, 3 boars! We knew the Hog Cheese would do good because of the strong aroma but never did we guess it would catch hogs on the first time we set the tr ...

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Hog Cheese on the Ground, Let’s See What Happens!

So I smacked a turkey yesterday morning putting an end to my turkey season. I had some mixed emotions. I was jacked up about the nice tom I harvested, then a little down because it was all over, but then back to being jacked up because it was time to switch gears and go after some hogs again! I quickly headed to the house, snapped a couple pictures and cleaned the bird. After cleaning up I loaded up the 4 w ...

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Gear Review: Blackhawk Axiom Recoil Reducing Stock

I had an old Remington 30-06 that my father gave me. The stock cracked right down the middle and I was trying to see what my options were. I didn't know what replacement stocks were available for it until I stopped in and talked with my good friends from Hal's Gun & Pawn. We looked over some different stocks and I ended up ordering a Blackhawk Axiom Recoil Reducing Stock. Here's what I think of it... ...

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Putting Hog Cheese to the Test 704 Style!

Our good friends at McDonald General Store got us hooked up with Big Game Butter, maker of Hog Cheese. They got us a bucket of Hog Cheese to try out and see what we thought of it. Check it out... Find McDonald General Store on facebook HERE and give them a Like! Find Big Game Butter on facebook HERE and give them a Like! ...

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Time to Put Some Federal Black Cloud Shells to the Test!

Most of us have been using Remington Fast Steel shot for as long as we can remember. We've heard a lot of good things about Federal Black Cloud Shells but the price always kind of curbed the interest in trying them out. Remington Fast Steel usually runs about $9.99 for a box of 25 where the Box of 25 in the Federal Black Cloud run about $26.99. Pretty good jump per box. We shoot quite a bit so you can see w ...

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